Dumbbell Exercise Regime for Torso

Weight lifting similar to dumbbell exercise are one of the best and ideal ways of getting back into proper shape as well as bulking up like young Arnold Schwarzenegger. These days’ gyms have become highly popular places for workouts due to the wide range of machines, professional assistance, and equipment that one requires for getting desired results. In this post you will learn about the benifits of dumbbell exercise.

Dumbbell Workout Routine Effectiveness

Dumbbells are the most regularly used fitness equipment when on journey towards kick-ass body. They are regarded as one of the several kinds of free weights used by individuals for lifting weight and they can be used either in sets or separately. Gyms and fitness centers love adjustable dumbbells due to their ease of use, versatility, and user-friendly style.

The primary focus of a dumbbell is your upper body that includes back, shoulder, and chest. Given below are several workouts that mainly target previously mentioned body parts.

Remember always that warm-up workouts are a must prior to working using dumbbells. In this way you ensure that your blood has started flowing through target areas thereby preventing muscle tearing and injury.


Often chest is called pectoral muscles and weight lifting primarily focuses this area especially for individuals who want bulking up. One of the most popular chest workouts is bench press as it focuses on 3 primary groups of muscles namely upper, middle, and lower chest.

You can make use of dumbbells separately for working out with each muscle group. If you perform inclined press, upper chest will be the main focus, for middle pectorals, flat press is good, and for lower chest, declined press workout is recommended. Performing lying down, bench press is an exercise move wherein you’ll be holding one dumbbell in each of your hand over the chest.

When individuals exhale, they require pushing the dumbbells away from their body and while exhaling they should pull the dumbbells back to their chest. You can push elbows out towards side for keeping them in the correct position.


Deltoids is the rounded muscle present on your shoulder and it can be worked out through seated overhead presses, rows, and front raises. Very few variations are there on these workouts and few may even perform better work when they target specific deltoid muscle. Arnold press is a workout named after Arnold Schwarzenegger, late governor of California and is a highly popular deltoid movement.

Fairly simple workouts are seated shoulder overhead presses and they start by holding dumbbell in every hand as well as pushing them above your shoulder height and also towards the head. You can do front raise by holding the dumbbells in both hands, at around thigh heights and extending your arms slowly towards shoulder height.

Ultimately the upright row will start with holding dumbbells in similar position as front raise but at this time, individuals will be raising their dumbbells along their body length till they don’t reach their shoulder height again.


The primary back muscle that is latissimus dorsi, is among the biggest as well as most worked muscles present in the body. Trapezius, simple to get recognized by trapezoidal shape of it covers shoulder blades and neck down to mid-spine. The rhombus finally is a silly shaped muscle covering shoulder blades.

Latissimus dorsi is usually called last, can be worked out by carrying out kneeling single arm row. Starting by kneeling on bench using one knee and using single arm for supporting the body while one is almost parallel to bench. This is a very important form so that users don’t hurt their back. You can hang down the dumbbells to side and pull them again towards chest. This should be done by both hands. Those who wish working trapezius, their moves should be shoulder shrugs. Individuals simply shrug their shoulder that is normal gesture while they hold one dumbbell in each of their hands. You can accomplish rhomboid workout through dumbbell rows.

For this you require keeping your knees bent as well as tilting your body to 70 to 80 degree. Now hang the arms by your side as well as pull both the dumbbells up towards side of the body.


Just few of the workouts have been mentioned that can be performed using dumbbells but several others are there. Exercises making use of dumbbells are best for individuals who love performing workouts at home but only when they have perfect equipment.

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