Mir Adjustable Weighted vest review

Of the perfect fit vest that money can buy, Mir Adjustable Weighted vest happens to be top notch. The complexion, mode and design of this vest have been constructed to serve an all-around purpose.

Specifically built for the cross fitters, and made of the smooth material, the form has been designed to provide for a maximum workout. It can be tightly held around one’s body while pressing on with the workout or training.

Developed by the new 2010 series, Mir developed the vest intentionally to ease the training and exercises, typical for doing exert some perfect resistance without having to add any changes to your body while putting on the vest. The vest’s compact design allows for the ease of training most of the games like cross-fit.

The product is of great use specifically for:

Athlete trainers and Runners

  • For the athlete trainers and runners, this Mir weighted vest is a great aid in enhancing athletics training. There is great importance attached to the use of extra weights, for the athlete or members of a sports team, you enjoy the deal this excellent fitness aids in enhancing your training! You will gain a longer endurance, gaining more strength, and develop a higher resistance
  • This Mir vest works best for running, It must, however, be tightly synched down so an not to rub your skin raw.

Firefighters and CPAT exam

  • For the firefighter’s trainers and the CPAT examination simulation, the vest has been appraised to be of significant work. These typical practices call for a large muscle building and strength. Use of the vest will work out the best in simulation the test requirements. Besides, it can save you from injuries which would occur when there is the lack of even distribution of weights during the exercising session.

Features of Mir Adjustable weighted vest

  • Super compact, designed for maximum mobility. The compact design is mean to lessen any excess weight the vest may impact on the body, while at the same time to enhance the highest rate of mobility as much as possible.
  • Double lining and padding throughout shoulder and the body. This padding has been designed to get contoured to your shoulder to provide a maximum comfort.
  • Complete set of weights: 60lbs Total, increment 3lbs, with an inclusion of one Velcro belt. This full suit of weight can be easily adjusted from 3 to 60lbs so as to increase the rate of resistance adeptness. There are removable weights located high on the torso to provide protection for the stomach against pounding as one keeps running and also to secure the whole body while exercising. All the upgradeable individual packets have the capacity to hold up to 60lbs.
  • Constructed from heavy-duty 1200D reinforced nylon that features double padded shoulders. This vest will provide for additional comfort with the mesh vented inside allowing for breathability.
  • Mid-chest belt for maximum holds no bouncing and no shifting.
  • Weights are loaded at top body front & back for optimum performance.
  • Two adjustable straps that could be adjusted underneath so as easily to set the body length of the vest when you slide the straps down and up through the D-rings. Besides, it helps in providing the perfect fit; It ensures that the vest it tightly held within one’s body while carrying on the with exercise.

Advantages of Mir weight vast

Ability to conform entirely to the upper body

At the same time leaving the room for a good range of motion. The vest, therefore, makes it significantly easy and light removing weights. The individual pockets will keep the weights very close to your body, disregard of the level of weight you have in them.​

​Quick shipment policy

Furthermore, Mir narrow vest has been applauded for the reason of its immediate shipment and delivery. People who shopped for the vest attested to the fact of its prompt and timely delivery. You’ll not have to tarry till the last dot of the date of shipping. It comes relatively early that you would expect.

Proper weight distribution

It distributes the weights properly to the whole body.

Adjustable fit

The adjustment makes the vest fit you well, no shifting during movements. The vest’s weight is in right high on your chest and back the perfect place you would want it to be. As an additional perk, the vest can hold up to 60pounds, in additional to the 40 pounds that it comes with it. Should you reach a point you need an extra weight, you don’t have to the full vest, you just buy and more weights to it.

Ease of use

Mir Narrow vest is very comfortable to use while doing any exercise. You can adjust it to your perfect suit quickly.

​Pleasant outward look

Besides, the color composition adds to its pleasantness because of its reflected stripes that you won’t regret wearing.​

Comfortable fit

The short adjustable vest has the design for the ultimate comfort. The comfort attached to putting on Mir Narrow vest is so tremendous because one will hardly realize you’ve got something new post on it. In fact, when you wear another version of the vest, one seems to wonder if he vest lacks stitched thistles and thorns as the primary component.​


Constructed after a significant research and easy to clean material.​

Drawbacks of Mir Adjustable Vest

As much as the vest has different significance attached, there are also some disadvantages associated with it.

  • Thick and inconvenient: some people find the weights that come with the weights very thick and uncomfortable. The profile at the back makes hard for some people to lie flat on the back for doing the bench, declined, inclined, sit ups or presses, something you could do with 40lbs vest having a slimmer profile. To the may people in this regard, losing the ability to fail by the back to comfortably carry on with a crunch, or sit-up may be a significant loss in the whole scope of exercises.
  • The shoulder straps can turn out very uncomfortable for longer workouts lifting higher weights​.
  • Has a complicated setup.
  • Not recommended for if you have a large head and body dimensions.
  • Furthermore, most people find out that the single strap is not sufficient enough to keep the vest stable for doing sit-ups or presses.

Some of the questions most people raise regarding the product are:

Question:   Are all the weight located on the vests back or the front?

Answer: On both back and front. You, however, can take the loads out at your pleasing, and you can as well adjust shoulder straps to your pleasing. It is pretty straightforward and comfortable, once you get your shoulders used to wearing it.

Question:  Would this be recommended for running?

Answer:  This Mir weighted vest is best for running. Nevertheless, it should be tightly synched down so as not to rub off your skin.


The MiR Narrow vest has it all, and it does the talk. When you speak about the quality, price, and the feature advantages. It can perform pretty well while doing different workouts like pushups, jumps, pull ups, chains, or ring dips, and therefore is it suitable for both walking/sprinting/running/ and body weight type of exercises.

Mir Adjustable weighted vest designed for an all-around situation, be it plyometric training purposes or for the general workouts. Perhaps the only thing one might advocate for a perfect fit is going to an alternative vet for slightly longer vest size, of which is inclusively offered.

If you’re aiming at working on your training for a higher level and gaining your level of endurance and stamina, Mir adjustable weighted vest is the best for that purpose.

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